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Radiation Prayer

This prayer came to me right before I started my radiation treatments for breast cancer. It helped me stay positive and vital during treatment. While silently repeating this prayer I actually felt ecstatically happy and full of life. May this prayer serve you in your own radiant healing.

Radiation treatments are composed of electromagnetic waves similar to light. These waves are a fundamental form of energy that has the capacity to penetrate into our bodies and alter our physiology. Radiation is a form of life force, a form of pure energy. Many of us fear radiation as a necessary evil in our attempt to win our fight with cancer. We may fear the process of the treatment and we may fear the possible side effects. We have no way of knowing if our treatment will be successful.

We are face to face with the unknown. We always have been, of course, as life is filled with the unknown and the uncontrollable. It’s just that when we have been diagnosed with cancer, we can no longer deny our vulnerability.

By using this prayer and visualization, you can help yourself direct your radiation treatment to help heal and prevent further disease. It can also help you to remain positive and “in charge” in a way that promotes healing physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our minds are tremendously powerful, and what we think definitely influences our experience, our stress level and our capacity to meet life’s challenges in the best possible, most resourced way. When we align our minds and our hearts with positive intention and thoughts, we are giving ourselves the best possible shot at going through this treatment in a as easeful a way as possible.

As you lie on the table close your eyes, breathe deeply and allow your mind to focus on the thoughts of this prayer. Imagine that the medical personnel assisting you in this process are the agents of your healing. As you say the words in your mind and heart, imagine the waves of radiation entering your body and removing any renegade cancer cells. See your body as radiant and whole, glowing with positive healing light. As you do this, you are aligning yourself with the healing modality you have chosen. Instead of radiation being something that is done to you, you become an active partner in your own healing. You are no longer a victim of the disease or the treatment. As you do this, fear and helplessness can dissolve.

I dedicate myself to my complete and total healing.

I welcome this gift of radiation as a daily dose of divine healing light.

As I receive this light, my energy, well-being and peace of mind increase.

My body, mind and spirit gratefully receive this gift and healing on every level of my being.

Please adjust the words of this prayer to reflect your own spiritual beliefs and orientation.

First published in The Lighter Side to Cancer: From Wakeup to Radiant Wellness, by Sandra Miniere, M.Ed, 2012

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